This form has been provided by the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) Contracts Oversight Team (COT) to help vendors, citizens, state employees and others report issues in state contracting. Issues that could be reported include practices inconsistent with the Texas Contract Management Guide, as well as noncompliance with any state contracting regulations. You are welcome to report contracting issues anonymously.

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If you are open to being contacted, please provide the LBB with a personal email address or personal telephone number. The COT will follow up as needed with any questions regarding your submission. Personal email addresses or phone numbers are not subject to open records requests, and will allow you to remain anonymous (see Government Code Section 552.137). Note that the LBB cannot provide whistleblower protections to state employees who report on this webpage. If you wish to receive whistleblower protections, please report your contracting issue to law enforcement. You may also wish to report the issue to the SAO Fraud Hotline.

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